Supporting ZK Hack

Today, we are pleased to announce our support for the upcoming ZK Hack event, in conjunction with Anna Rose and the Zero-Knowledge Podcast.
Today, we are pleased to announce our support for the upcoming ZK Hack event, in conjunction with Anna Rose and the Zero-Knowledge Podcast.

At Aleo, we are passionate about educating developers on the possibilities of zero-knowledge cryptography. We believe this technology will play a critical role in the future of traditional web applications and the fast-growing crypto economy.

What is ZK Hack?

ZK Hack a six-week virtual event that combines developer workshops with hands-on learning and solving challenges.

Simply put, it is an opportunity to learn about zero-knowledge proofs in a fun and applied way. Learning by doing is one of the best ways to learn. Solving these challenges will provide intuition about zero-knowledge proofs and cryptography in general.

The challenges are a series of "capture-the-flag" style games where participants are given an exploitable zero-knowledge scheme, and have to find the vulnerability and extract some information.

These challenges are being created by notable contributors to both academic literature and real-world zero-knowledge applications, including Aleo researcher Pratyush Mishra (co-author of the Zexe paper and maintainer of Arkworks) as well as Aleo researcher Eduardo Morais.

Leo at ZK Hack

Leo is the first formally verified zero-knowledge programming language, allowing developers to write high-level programs that compile to zero-knowledge circuits.

In addition to sponsoring and contributing to the puzzles, we are presenting Leo at one of the ZK Hack developer workshops. Leo features a testing framework, package registry, import resolver, remote compiler, and theorem prover. These tools make the developer experience with Leo ergonomic, enabling developer, like you, to leverage the power of zero-knowledge proofs without needing a PhD in cryptography.

During this workshop, we will be going through new use cases for Leo. We will walk through the theory behind how it works, as well as step new developers through real applications. There's no better opportunity to get up to speed with the best programming language for zero-knowledge applications.

ZK Hack in Lisbon

The Aleo team is excited to be hosting an in-person ZK Hack event with Anna Rose in Lisbon.

We look forward to using this opportunity to collaborate with developers and projects in the industry to increase awareness and push zero-knowledge cryptography forward. Together with our community, we want to bring this technology into mainstream to power the next-generation of private web applications.

If you are in town for ETHLisbon or LisCon, we look forward to meeting you in person!

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