How it Works

Building with Aleo is simple.

Step 1

Write your app using our programming language & package manager, with ease.

  • No cryptography needed
  • Intuitive programming language
  • Modular circuit manager

Step 2

Compile & test your application on our development platform, rigorously.

  • Robust debugging framework
  • Sophisticated circuit visualizer
  • Fast network deployments

Step 3

Run your application on our massively-parallelized provers, for life.

  • Low-cost computations
  • 100% uptime guaranteed
  • No maintenance required
Compatible Architectures

For the geeks at heart like us.

We support common elliptic curves used in production for zero-knowledge cryptography.

  • BN254
    Native implementation
  • BLS12-381
    Native implementation
  • BLS12-377
    Native implementation
  • SW6
    Native implementation

Have an architecture you would like Aleo to support?

We're always evaluating new technologies and looking to adopt the latest and greatest.

Email us at

We run the latest zero-knowledge proof systems, and are constantly improving their performance on our distributed provers.


Groth16 SNARK



Proof Size
200-500 bytes
200-500 bytes
45,000-200,000 bytes
Proof Time
1-1,000 seconds
1-1,000 seconds
10-10,000 seconds
Verification Time
1-10 ms
1-10 ms
10-100 ms
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